Close to the Broken Hearted

Our mission is to minister to women involved in sexual exploitation and transition those who are willing into Christ based 12 Step residential programs.

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Nov 07, 2020, 9:00 AM
Together Cafe
Willowbend Farms, 7th Well, and Cry For the Broken will be hosting a volunteer training on Saturday, November 7th, 2020. We hope that you can join us in learning about human trafficking and how, as a volunteer, you can help survivors thrive.

The Work

With God's help, CFTB volunteers were able to minister to our friends on the street in the following ways in the previous year.






Supplies Given




Volunteer Spotlight

When I decided to get out of my comfort zone and begin ministering in the community I quickly realized that I could make a difference in ways I never dreamed possible. What seemed foreign to me is now second nature and my eyes have been opened to a need in the community that most people shy away from.

Karen Brown


About Us

CFTB is a Clear Creek Church of Christ ministry that reaches out to addicted prostitutes in the Chattanooga area. We build personal relationships with the ladies we serve by meeting their basic needs, such as hygiene products, food, water, and love. We also transition these ladies into sobriety based living when they express that they are ready. Not only does this help the ladies we serve, but it helps those who are serving by opening their eyes to an issue that many did not formerly know existed in Chattanooga.

CFTB was founded by Catrina Cabe, a former survivor of survival sex, strip clubs, pornography, trafficking, and prostitution. It is her calling to see that women who want a way out have that opportunity.


​CFTB’s co-founder, Karen Brown, is a tough love mama with a heart of gold and an unmatched gift for sass and spunk. She trains ladies on outreach missions and does a fine job of keeping Catrina in line.

CFTB’s volunteer coordinator, Wendy Mitchell has a gift of organization and encouragement. She is quick to send out letters and cards of encouragement to the ladies who have chosen a different life. Ladies on the street call her often just to talk. Contact Wendy if you would like to participate in our efforts.

CFTB’s spiritual mentor, Kathy Holt is a wonderfully unique lady. She keeps the leadership team intact through prayer and encouragement. She is always positive and uplifting. She prevents compassion fatigue and keeps our eyes on the heavenly prize.


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