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In the Center we have:

  • Gathering space (living room) - This shared space is a place where those we serve can gather, have conversations, share experiences and create community.

  • Kitchen - Our kitchen is stocked with food and drinks that are readily available for all who enter. This is also a place where cooking classes are held, baking happens, and recipes are shared.

  • Respite Room - One common experience that most of the ladies/children/men we serve is that they hardly ever have a safe place to rest. We have cultivated a room where that is the only purpose…providing a safe place for them to rest, take a nap, or just be alone.

  • Chapel Room - We believe mental health is of the utmost importance. This chapel room, or calming room, as it is affectionately called, is a place for our participants to have a quiet place to pray, speak privately with a volunteer, or study the word in a peaceful setting.

  • Office Space - We are convinced one of the ways we can best serve are participants is to make sure they are quipped with all the necessary tools to be successful in both education and vocation. This office space gives them the freedom to come sit at a computer to do online school, computer skills classes, vocational training or resume building, and also receive case management from our social worker.

  • Bathroom - Our participants have full access to our bathroom and shower. We want to empower those we serve by encouraging dignity.

  • Laundry Room - Our participants also have full access to our laundry facilities where they can wash clothes or items.

  • Clothes and toiletries closet - We have two closets stocked full with clothes and toiletries available for our participants who need them at any time.

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